Event Schedule

28 Jun (Fri)   |   29 Jun (Sat)   |   30 Jun (Sun)   |   1 Jul (Mon)   |   2 Jul (Tue)   |   3 Jul (Wed)   |   4 Jul (Thu)   |   5 Jul (Fri)   |   6 Jul (Sat)   |   7 Jul (Sun)
  Singa and the Kindness Cubbies Colouring Contest
  Miss POPULAR Princess TaoKaeNoi x SBFIVE Meet-and-Greet POP Idol (Getai Edition)
  Mind your English!
  Live Workout Party! KpopK Fitness by JR Fitness
  Live Workout Party! Zumba Fitness by JR Fitness
  Singa and the Kindness Cubbies Meet-and-Greet Gold Rush Lucky Draw POP Idol (Getai Edition)
  Barbie Colouring Contest Grand Getaway Draw
Event details are accurate at the time of print and are subjected to changes without prior notice.